Choosing the right VetChef recipe for your dog

Choosing the right VetChef recipe for your dog

All VetChef recipes are designed by vet Dr Joe Inglis and nutritionist Katie McCaul to deliver the very best nutritional support for your dog from weaning through to their older years.
Made using only the finest natural ingredients including locally sourced meat and vegetables, each recipe is optimised for specific lifestyle or health requirements. All VetChef recipes are grain-free with a single meat protein as the main ingredient, making them ideal for dogs with dietary allergies or intolerances.
The ingredients are individually cooked in a low-temperature steam oven to maximise nutritional bio-availability, taste and texture, before being mixed and flash frozen to preserve every mouthful of goodness and flavour for your dog to enjoy.

Which recipe for your dog?

VetChef pack detail

Our menu of meals provides a wide range of options, with each recipe designed to support particular nutritional requirements.
On the packaging you’ll see all the information you need to guide your choice, and the table below provides detila of the whole range to help guide your dogs choice.


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